Welcome to the
home of PS
We are a leading team of craftsmen, with 20 years working in sectors as diverse as retail, transport, architecture and healthcare. Our company prides itself on the level of
service it provides, we will supply quality products with a
quality service that will more than meet all expectations.
  Our team brings a mix of talent, enthusiasm, innovation
and experience. Together we offer a combination of
approaches, skills and personalities, coming together to
craft and realise inventive, practical, quality
Pipe work
hydrolic Pipe bending
specialists and general Pipe
work. Clients include Alstom
Power, Drax, Eggborough and
Ferrybridge Power Stations.
Specialist Welding
Specialised welding in all materials including aluminium, stainless
steels, jet heat stainless, 1,2.25 and
12% chrome...
Case Studies
Read the intricates & see the images from some of our past projects...
Welding School
Courses to suit all types of welding applications and all certificated to British and European standards
with third party inspection...