RWE Ferrybridge Workshops

Job site

Tilbury Power Station (Turbine)

Description of Job

Last Stage LP Tennon/and Blade Replacements

Description of Tennon preperation

Tennons to grind back to base metal, template for size of Tennon needed to be welded/electrical pr-heat from procedure issued.

Welding method

Using TIG method of welding

Material of casting

12% chrome

Material used

12% chrome consumables
Scope of work
1/pr-heat Tennon bank as procedures states, weld using balanced method working on 2-4 at a time for heat input, after welding process is complete template is used to make sure over size Tennon has been layed for the dressing back to new Tennon profile.

After welding
Stress relieve process will take place from procedure issued surface to be ground, hardness check, NDT tested with reports.

Paper work package
All welder certification
Company welding procedures
Materials certificate
NDT reports
Risk assessment
Method statement
Pr-heat reports/stress reports
Hardness check data

Pipe work
hydrolic Pipe bending
specialists and general Pipe
work. Clients include Alstom
Power, Drax, Eggborough and
Ferrybridge Power Stations.
Specialist Welding
Specialised welding in all materials including aluminium, stainless
steels, jet heat stainless, 1,2.25 and
12% chrome...
Case Studies
Read the intricates & see the images from some of our past projects.
Welding School
Courses to suit all types of welding applications and all certificated to British and European standards
with third party inspection.