Some of our clients

Drax Power Station
Includes fabrication work manufacture and repair, steam and water pipe installation using hydraulic pipe bending machines for thin and thick walled pipe.

Ferrybridge Power Station
Large steel fabrication work to support and strengthen the ducting to the new FGD acid Rain installation. (Environment protection.)

Eggborough Power Station
The fabrication and repair of various large turbine pipe work in stainless steel.

Workshops R.W.E
Specialised welding of exotic materials such as Stelite, Zeron and Chrome on L.P rotors and Diaphragms repairs.

E-ON Thornehill
Large platforms, safety work, fabrication and installation of pipe work on a number of sites.
Conflow Group
The welding of valves for aircraft fuel jets assemblies, all welding operations carry full X-ray testing and certification.

Major Glass Works
Contracted to M.O.T plate glass stillages, furnace repairs and including 24 hour call out on breakdowns and repairs.

Weir Services
The welding and refurbishment of turbine components including diaphragm modifications, building up of shaft diameters due to wear.

HACS Group
Development and installation of various specialist stainless steel enclosures.

Alstrom Group
Hydraulic pipe bending and boiler pipe work, heat treated and stress relieved associated with power station outages.
Pipe work
hydrolic Pipe bending
specialists and general Pipe
work. Clients include Alstom
Power, Drax, Eggborough and
Ferrybridge Power Stations.
Specialist Welding
Specialised welding in all materials including aluminium, stainless
steels, jet heat stainless, 1,2.25 and
12% chrome...
Case Studies
Read the intricates & see the images from some of our past projects.
Welding School
Courses to suit all types of welding applications and all certificated to British and European standards
with third party inspection.